April 2011

I have loved the Red Sox since I was 5. In April of 2011 I finally got the chance to go see them play. In the spur of the moment my mother, sister, and I decided to make the journey to Boston. I finally got to step foot into the Mecca of major league baseball, … More April 2011


Finally we thought the curse was going to be broken. Then the unthinkable happened. Just one out away from finally breaking the curse and winning the series after so many years. The play happened, that will forever be known as the Buckner play. Bill Bucker, the first basemen for the ’86 Red Sox let the … More 1986

The Curse

1920 was the year that changed everything. The Great Bambino had been sold. Of course I’m referring to Babe Ruth. With the Bambino gone the World Series chances would be gone for the next 86 years.