The Gift of Uncertainty

This Is Your Life

This was a question everyone has thought of. Would you like to know what is going to happen tomorrow. We think about it everyday. This question however, is very easy for me to answer.

NO, Why would you want to take the surprises out of life.

Yes it might make the hard times easier but, it also makes the exciting day dull.
Everyone has had those days where you would like to know what happened. Sometimes however, the greatest gift is not knowing. We go day by day not knowing what might happen next. We should look at this as a blessing. The fear of the unknown is what makes life fun to live. You would miss out on so many great wonders in the world if you already knew what was going to happen there. What would be so great about going to a sporting event when you already knew who was going to win. It’s the gritting of your teeth and the worry in sports that makes the big play and the win that much more poetic.

The most important thing to me is the faith I have in God. He has a plan for us all. He knows the plan but, we don’t. That’s the way it should be. We should go day by day making our decisions based on our own morals and ideals. if you knew what the consequences of our choices we wouldn’t make those choices. That is not what life is about. That is how you learn. You make a mistake you know not to make that mistake again. If we all knew what would come of our lives no one would try anything new. We need to get out there and live.


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